Mr. McGee –WALKIN’ the TALK at age 81.  Won’t you join him?

We met Mr. McGee at Wright’s Barbershop, the shop where the CBHC Barbershop/Salon Program started. We  talked to him about being active even at his young age of 81.We explained that regular walking was good for the BRAIN, HEART, KIDNEYS, & BONES.  We gave him a free pedometer/ step counter and told him that 10 K per day would keep the doctor away.  10,000 steps or 5 miles per day would keep him on track to continued good health. “When you coming back?” Mr. McGee asked.  We told him we would be back in about 6 weeks.  He assured us that he would bring a log back with the number of steps he took since we last saw him. Sure enough when we returned he brought in a crumpled yellow sheet of notebook paper with the number of steps he had taken.  He recorded 7 weeks of step totals.  He walked over 10,000 steps every week. One of the weeks he walked 21, 614 steps.

His total number of steps for the time was 95,885 steps.  This is equivalent to about 48 miles total over the 7 weeks. Mr. McGee walked the talk and did something great for his health. He is a wonderful example of the impact that we are having on some of the clients in the shops we visit.  He says he will be back every time we come, to make sure he is still doing well.He is also a good example of taking steps to take control of your health. You can start any day and at any age.  Just start doing it! We recommend a minimum of 30 minutes most days for adults and 60 minutes per day for youth. If you want to lose weight you’ll need to step it up to 12,000- 15,000 steps per day

“10 K per day will keep the doctor away!”

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