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Supporting youth mental health in the Black community through sports is a game-changer, and Colorado Black Health Collaborative is doing just that! It’s not just about scoring on the field; it’s about empowering young minds. Sports initiatives create a space where mental well-being and resilience take center stage.

Serving as an after-school program, the objective is to focus on catalyzing and sustaining change for Colorado’s Black/BIPOC youth through incorporated mental health programming, group therapeutic services, and psychiatric oversight and assessment through sports-driven initiatives over a 7-week period. Implementing a sports-based youth program to address mental health issues in Black athletes within schools is not just a strategy; it’s a holistic approach that recognizes the unique challenges faced by this demographic.

Here’s why schools should consider such a program and partner with CBHC for implementation:

  • Cultural Relevance
  • Physical and Mental Wellness Connection
  • Community and Identity Building
  • Stress Reduction and Coping Mechanisms
  • Team Support and Camaraderie
  • Empowerment Through Achievement
  • Leadership Development
  • Healthy Goal Setting
  • Accessible Mental Health Resources
  • Destigmatizing Mental Health Conversations
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Lifelong Healthy Habits

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In essence, a sports-based youth program tailored to address mental health issues in Black/BIPOC athletes is not just an investment in their well-being; it’s an investment in building resilient, empowered individuals who can navigate life’s challenges with strength, confidence, and a sense of community.

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