CBHC has not only provided health awareness to the Black community of Colorado, but we have also led our initiatives through an equity lens that embraces diversification and awareness. It is important that CBHC focuses on health-related initiatives that are deteriorating the Black population such as COVID-19, tobacco, cardiovascular disease, mental health, and opioid addiction. It is imperative that our programs prioritize our efforts to address some of the leading topics that plague the Black community. Through advocacy and development of appropriate resources and community connections, CBHC can continue to provide social justice to the people we serve.

2020 CBHC Resource Directorycover image of the 2020 CBHC Health Resources Directory

The CBHC regularly produces, publishes and distributes a Health Resource Directory focused on the Black Community. The community keeps an active interest in this type of resource so CBHC continues to prioritize honoring the community’s wishes.

The directory is multipurpose:

  • To educate the community
  • To provide the community with culturally appropriate health-related information
  • To enhance awareness about appropriate treatment and prevention.

We believe good health and access to quality care are among the most valuable assets we have. The directory contains featured articles, advertisements, and a directory of resources focused on health and well-being. The 2020 CBHC Resource Directory is our most current edition and an important tool for eliminating health disparities and increasing awareness.

Deployment of Innovative Programs

CBHC has a demonstrated history and successful track record of deploying innovative programs in Colorado’s Black community. These programs are designed to tackle complex and systemic challenges that the Black community faces, such as healthcare access, economic inequality, and more. Innovative programs allow CBHC to bring community members together, fostering connections and social networks that provide support and a sense of belonging.

Community-Centered Approaches

Community-centered approaches are of paramount importance when addressing the needs, challenges, and aspirations of the Black community. These approaches recognize that communities are active agents with valuable insights and assets. CBHC has always engaged the Black community in everything that we do to help amplify the Black voices of Colorado. We feel confident that our community-led and community-centered approaches have drawn and will continue to draw on the wisdom, strength, and resilience from our dedicated community members.

Programmatic Impact

The programmatic impact on Black communities is essential for addressing historical and systemic inequalities, promoting social justice, and fostering positive change. By recognizing the importance of programmatic impact has allowed CBHC to better understand how specific initiatives can lead to meaningful improvements in the lives of individuals within these communities.

Our programs

Sports-Based Youth Mental Health Wellness Program

Focuses on catalyzing and sustaining change for Colorado’s Black/BIPOC youth athletes through incorporated mental health programming, group therapeutic services, and psychiatric oversight and assessment.

Maternal Mental Health Program

Provides mental health advocacy and awareness for the voice of Black maternal mothers before, during, and after their pregnancy.

Barbershop and Salon Health Outreach Program (BBSHOP)

Leveraging the cultural relevance of barbershops, the program addresses cardiovascular disease by providing blood pressure screenings, resources, and education to clients.

Project HairCare

Provides mental health and wellness education to barbers and stylists to enhance the support for their clients. Visit the website at projecthaircare.com.

Prince Project

Provides education and awareness surrounding opioid addiction and overdose prevention.

Health Resource Directory

A comprehensive compilation of health-related resources that serve as a valuable tool for Black individuals seeking access to healthcare services.

Tackling Menthol in the Black Community (TMBC)

Designed to create specific policies, procedures, and environmental change recommendations to address the significant use of mentholated tobacco/nicotine products in the Black community.

Form a Lifetime of Wellness (F.L.O.W.) Program

A comprehensive prevention program that serves as a focal point to inform, educate, assess, and refer individuals and families to care for their health-related problems. Click here to visit the FLOW website.

Black Community Health Awareness Response Team (BCHART)

A grassroots program with the goal of proactively developing solutions to issues that affect the Black community.

COVID-19 Is Not Over

Provides education and brings awareness regarding COVID-19 and how the Black community can begin to take care of their overall health.