Collaboration is key and a core value for Colorado Black Health Collaborative. Collaborating with the CBHC enables access to organizations and individuals engaged in providing resources and service delivery at varying levels in targeted communities. CBHC enhances communication and networking among organizations with interests, activities, and projects in target communities through efficient information dissemination. CBHC promotes collaboration among organizations with common and complementary goals, objectives, and interests. Extending beyond our internal partners, CBHC also seeks project partners to maximize special programs and maximize limited resources that are available in our community. Here at CBHC, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide our partners with the following:

  • Community-Centric Solutions: We prioritize solutions that are community-driven and culturally competent. Our approach is informed by the voices and needs of the Black community, ensuring that interventions are not only effective but also respectful and inclusive.
  • Comprehensive Health Strategies: We employ a holistic view of health, recognizing that factors such as social determinants, economic opportunities, and education play pivotal roles. Our strategies encompass a wide range of initiatives to address the root causes of health disparities.
  • Data-Driven Impact: We believe in the power of data to guide our efforts. Our programs are informed by rigorous research and ongoing evaluation to ensure that we are achieving measurable outcomes and adapting to evolving community needs.

Partnering with the Colorado Black Health Collaborative to help achieve health equity in the Black community can offer a range of advantages:

  • Expertise in Community Needs
  • Established Community Trust
  • Cultural Competence
  • Community Engagement and Input
  • Resource Maximization
  • Flexibility and Innovation
  • Community Advocacy
  • Positive Public Image
  • Shared Goals and Impact Measurement
  • Fulfillment of Social Responsibility

It's a collaborative approach that leverages
the strengths of both organizations for
the benefit of the Black community.