Supporting maternal mental health in the Black community is more than a cause; it’s a call for compassion. Colorado Black Health Collaborative’s Black Mamas Matter program focuses on creating a nurturing environment for moms, fostering resilience, and ensuring every mother’s mental well-being is a priority. The program allows CBHC and its partners and alliances to stand together for healthy moms and thriving families to provide essential resources and create a supportive environment where every mom can thrive.

The predominate intention of CBHC’s “Black Mamas Matter: Phase II” program is to implement a culturally innovative, sustainable, and responsive maternal health resource delivery model that is not currently available to many Black/African American women and their families, that addresses the existing needs in our communities of color. Our program aims to reduce stigma and increase connections to community resources by disseminating positive mental health messages in partnership with trusted community-based partners while advocating for the voice of Black maternal mothers before, during, and after their pregnancy.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Black/African American women are experiencing increased depression, isolation, and social and emotional deprivation, amongst other mental health conditions, and are very reluctant to engage with healthcare providers who lack cultural insensitivity. By educating, advocating, and providing resources for Colorado’s Black mothers, partners, family, and friends, CBHC is taking steps to lead to a change within local healthcare systems that promote integrated care, shared decision-making, and emphasis on Black women.

Black Mamas Matter Resources

The following infographics provide research-backed information and resources. Click on the thumbnail to see each full-size infographic.

inforgraphic: 6 maternal health disparities among black women

infographic: the impact of maternal mental health disparities on black children with black mothers

Tips black women can use to prioritize their mental health during and after pregnancy