Our mission is to achieve health equity in Colorado’s Black community.

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Your Neighbors & Their Stories

Miya Vaughn

ornament1My mission is to inspire and encourage others to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Are we all human and love to have a piece of chocolate cake from time to time? Of, course but the key is to make sure we aren’t eating the chocolate cake every day.


ornament1Tank’s barbershop has been around the Denver metro area for over 14 years. Going through his own health journey he partnered with Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC) so his customers had the opportunity to know more about their own health too.

Katina Hill


Katina Hill is a 47-year old African American female and mother of seven children. She is married, lives in Centennial, Colorado and has four minor children still living at home. A resident of Colorado for thirty-two years, she agreed to share her story.


ornament1“We have to change the mentality that we have to eat what our parents eat.  You know, so you never look at the different vegetables.  I was looking at recipes like what’s a rutabaga?  You have to try it…”

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