Our mission is to achieve health equity in Colorado’s Black community.

Your Neighbors & Their Stories

Brother Roosevelt

ornament1Roosevelt agreed to share his testimony of how his life was changed after getting his blood pressure checked at Rising Star Baptist church. He hopes it will help others improve their health.

LeRita Coleman Brown

ornament1LeRita Coleman Brown is eternally grateful to the Goetz family for donating the heart of their precious daughter and sister, Jody, to her more than 22 years ago; and to Jennifer Lund for donating her kidney and rescuing her from renal failure 12 years ago in May 2005.

Mr. McGee

ornament1We met Mr. McGee at Wright’s Barbershop, the shop where the CBHC Barbershop/Salon Program started. We  talked to him about being active even at his young age of 81.


ornament1“We have to change the mentality that we have to eat what our parents eat.  You know, so you never look at the different vegetables.  I was looking at recipes like what’s a rutabaga?  You have to try it…”

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