Chef Shaw

Chef Nikki, a perfect picture of health, was engaging and shared a wealth of information related to healthy eating at our 2014 Family Reunion. We had to pry her away from many of our cousins so that she could offer great coaching tips to make our lives healthier. “Diabetes and heart disease — that hits home. If you eat right and drink right, you can prevent these conditions. I truly believe that instead of the drive-through, let your fast food be the rotisserie chicken in the deli, and grab a salad. You can get in and out as fast and it adds years to your life.” She used great stories to get her points across. She told the crowd how Coach Shaw, her husband, had been eating ground turkey for years without even knowing it. She knew she wanted to introduce healthier alternatives for their traditional meals, but when she first tested the idea of substituting ground turkey for ground beef he told her that it didn’t make sense to use turkey in tacos.

With better health in mind she started making the transition to turkey. He was enjoying the healthier tacos but didn’t know he wasn’t eating beef until she decided to reveal that fact that he had been eating the turkey taco for years.

“We are in the midst of a crisis and we have to make healthier choices.”

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