On a successful health fair.

The Colorado Black Health Collaborative is blessed to be able to help make this collaborative event possible. CBHC started organically in 2008 at the request of the community. Our mission is to achieve health equity in Colorado’s Black community. Since the beginning, CBHC has focused on collaboration, community engagement, community empowerment, community education, cultural connectivity, and covering all lifecycles from cradle to grave ( children—adults). Additionally, we strongly believe in meeting people where they are to deliver health. This health fair was a great opportunity to further our mission and goals. This summary provides information on the mini- health fair that was hosted at your church. The event was planned for a Sunday to make it possible to get as many participants as possible, to this healthful event. Please share the information contained in this report with your members and church leadership.

Over 100 participants visited the fair, which was held on the second floor of the church. This was the perfect location as it provided an extra opportunity to get some physical activity. Many participants noted that the stairs had given them a “workout”. While the children and young adults let out some of their energy in the back of the fair- jump roping, hula hooping, running, and doing push- ups, the adults participated in a number of screening and educational activities. During the fair, blood pressure and Body Mass Index (BMI ) screenings were conducted. There were also other stations, including medication review with pharmacists, nutritional education with a registered dietician, prostate health, breast health, hypertension/high blood pressure education, diabetes, sugary drinks, pounds of fat and fitness facts. Several participants took the opportunity to talk to a doctor about various other health concerns. There were many handouts and health care resources available to participants.

Additionally, snacks, produce and water were provided. There were also ample giveaways for participants. We received many very positive comments from the participants and the volunteers were excited that they were able to serve at this great event.

Because high blood pressure/hypertension is a very serious disease in the Black community we always log and review the screening results. 73 people were screened for blood pressure at the fair. 25 of those screened measured in the high blood pressure range. We have attached a high blood pressure summary at the end of this report.


We want to thank all the wonderful volunteers, including the church members that helped with the set up for the event.

We want to thank all of the participants who took time out of their day to attend the event.

We want to thank Elder Francis and the rest of the church leadership for the opportunity to serve. CBHC encourages you all to continue to educate your members about the importance of health and continue to find ways to bring health into focus for all. Starting a walking group, encouraging use of the stairs, planting vegetable gardens, and inviting speakers to share on topics of interest, are just a few examples of ways to promote health.

Special Thanks to:

Mercy and Kingsley Ehizuelen for providing the produce, snacks, and water

Kaiser Permanente African American Business Resource Group for providing giveaways

Colorado Black Health Collaborative for giveaways and health fair supplies

Susan B. Komen for breast health information

Stella Nash/USDA for nutrition giveaways and informational materials.

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