Event Summary for #Shoyoflow Campaign

Family, did you hear about the #shoyoflow campaign? Several healthy winners received cash prizes, including Mr. Charles dance group that won $1000.00. Hopefully, you did not stop dancing, hang up your running shoes, or throw away your water bottle because the campaign is over. Keep moving and sharing what you are doing all year long. We will be doing some surprise mini-campaigns throughout the year.

The #shoyoflow campaign is just one component of the F.L.O.W. Program. August of 2017 was the second time that the Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC) had the campaign. It featured individuals and teams posting their healthy activities on Facebook for 60 days. The purpose was not only to feature what they were doing but to inspire others to post their healthy activities. During the campaigns, we have seen the community doing some creative and inspiring things to be healthy. For instance, one participant posted that she learned to swim thanks to the campaign. Another took us on a spin around Colorado on their bike. Brother Jeff embarked on a drinking water only campaign after #shoyoflow. The CBHC team reviewed the posts and awarded prizes to the top three in each category – individual and team. The monetary awards were presented at our annual Family Reunion/Block Party. However, it is not about the money, your health is your wealth. It is about showing your F.L.O.W. and letting the nation know that we will be the healthiest folks in the nation.

If you are not familiar with F.L.O.W., it stands for Form a Lifetime of Optimal Wellness. We began the initiative in 2014 thanks to a Center for Disease Control Cooperative Agreement. Ascender Communications, LLC developed the concept for the Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC). CBHC decided that the catchy concept should really be an effective program for our community. #Shoyoflow is our social media component of the Program. Other components include a F.L.O.W. online resource directory that connects people with healthy, culturally appropriate resources in the community, as well as clinical sites. We have a F.L.OW. health literacy project that is working to find out what people need to get the most out of their health insurance. We also have a microsite, www.FLOWDenver.org that is our main source of cardiovascular/health information for the community. We are working with volunteers and students to expand the content of this site. Overall, we have been working to get information, resources, and messages out to the community to make sure that we all can F.L.O.W. – Form a Lifetime of Optimal Wellness!

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