Young Black Professionals in Health (YBPH) Committee

To provide avenues for young African-American professionals in the Denver Metro Area to make health oriented impacts in all communities throughout Colorado with an emphasis on health-related problems challenging Black communities

Co-chairs of the committee:
Curtis J. Henry, Ph.D.,
Fayette Augillard


  • To increase young African-American participation in health related activities with the goal of increasing health awareness in Colorado’s Black communities and other communities at large.
  • To promote healthier lifestyles among all young professionals in the Denver Metro area so that we may serve as role models to younger generations
  • To partner with other health oriented organizations in tackling health related issues in the Denver Metro Area and throughout Colorado


  • YBPH will host health fairs for at risk communities
  • YBPH will participate in local and statewide health-related activities that aim to increase health awareness and promote healthier lifestyles in Colorado’s black communities
  • YBPH will host socials in order to increase collaborations for health related activities
  • YBPH will host fundraisers in which proceeds will be donated to various health-related organizations throughout Colorado
  • YBPH members will participate in activities aimed to promote healthier lifestyles among its members with the goal of “leading by example” when we return to our various communities here in CO and throughout the United States

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