Health Access Committee

Empowerment of the Black community by enhancing awareness about health policies, processes, and practices; and development of a provider awareness campaign that familiarizes providers about working effectively with the Black community.
Chair: Terri Richardson

  • To focus our work we have adopted two guiding principles:
    World Health Organization(WHO) definition of health: health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
  • Home is the Hub. This embodies the concept that good health and access to health essentially begins in the HOME with healthy eating and active living. After reviewing best practices, including the Harlem Children’s Zone, we’ve narrow our neighborhood of focus to Montbello.

Current Project and Activities

Barbershop program:
This program is designed to screen, educate, and refer related to cardiovascular risk factors. Every month several barbershops and salons in Denver and Aurora are outreached for screening efforts. A monthly newsletter chronicling the efforts and providing information is produced.( see resources)

Telling the health story of Montbello/Green Valley Ranch:
This is an on-going effort to gather information on the health and social determinants of these communities. This information is shared with the community and other health organizations.

Tackling childhood obesity:
Utilizing We Can! resources to educate families around healthy eating, active living and reducing screen time. Two successful Family Fun Fitness Expos have been held in Montbello.

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