Colorado Black Health Collaborative’s 2nd Annual Fundraising Gala

CBHC continues to celebrate its tradition of promoting health equity in the Black/African American community by delivering innovative, effective and culturally appropriate health programs to over 100,000 people each year. Our organization recognizes that we could not have reached a decade without the support of our staff, volunteers, partners, and members of the community we serve.

Determined to Repeat the Success of 2018

Last year the Gala exceeded it’s financial goal. On October 13, 2019 CBHC will celebrate 11 years of success with a second-annual fundraising gala at the Marriott Denver Tech Center. We would love to have you join the celebration. With your support, we can continue to be successful for many more years. We are proud and grateful for such a unified and diverse community which aims to optimize public health, regardless of race, creed, or economic standing.

bill bellamy heals with laughter

Laugh out Loud with Bill Bellamy!

Bill Bellamy discovered early in his life that he enjoyed making people laugh. He has become a very accomplished comedian, actor, and host.  His credits as a standup comic include appearances on Def Comedy Jam, The Improv, The Comic Strip, and The Comedy Store. He has hosted the hit game show Let’s Ask America and Last Comic Standing, as well as others. His movies include the classics How to be a Player, Any Given Sunday, and The Brothers, to name a few.

Bill Bellamy always is the life of the party and his time with us at the 2019 Colorado Black Health Collaborative Black and White Gala will be no exception. He will masterfully discuss the health issues that affect our community, in funny and relatable ways that inspire awareness and taking action.  He will encourage us to be serious about our health and the preventative measures for the diseases statistically known to affect the black community. Bill is a champion of non-profits, supporting organizations that target diabetes, health, and wellness. One of his passions is fitness — to get that “sexy look.” He stated in a Black Doctor article, “It is said that the keys to good health are sweating and laughing every day.” You will leave this Gala having experienced the power of humor, inspired to address not only your own health but also that of the community around you.


A special thank you to our 2019 sponsors for their support of
CBHC’s mission to achieve health equity in Colorado’s Black community!

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2019 Gala Testimonials

Chris Bryant
The CBHC Gala was a wonderful experience. The information was delivered in an enthusiastic, educational, and spirited manner. We were guided by the keynote speaker as she presented concepts and experiences in a personal and significant way. The participants were entertained with how health care providers, as well as families, may develop methods of dealing with mental health conditions.  The feedback from participants at my table included words like Informative, Funny, Caring, Helpful, and Enjoyable. We also heard that it should be repeated throughout the country.
Ifalade Tashia Asanti
Thank you, Thelma Craig and the entire Colorado Black Health Collaborative family for a fabulous Black & White Gala!! It was an amazing evening of Hollywood’s Best with actor, singer, and New York Times bestselling author, Jenifer Lewis. She poured out her soul as she inspired, awakened, empowered and healed so many. Excellence was served on the stage by CBHC!!! It was awesome to see so many Denver friends. Jeff Fard, Norma Paige, Hanifah Chiku, Rosalind Bee Harris, and Cathy Denise! And my daughter Danielle thanked Ms. Lewis for her incredible legacy of speaking up and out on behalf of the most vulnerable among us. If you missed this event you missed something phenomenal! Thank you again CBHC!!
Dr. Rhonda Coleman
Congratulations Colorado Black Health Collaborative on 10 years in service to Metro Denver. I had a great time laughing with Jenifer Lewis, for real! My heart and soul thanks you! #coloradoblackhealthcollaborative
Colorado Senator Rhonda Fields
Thank you Dr. Terri Richardson, Thelma Craig, and Collaborative Black Health for having the vision to combine laughter and mental health. Jenifer Lewis was a funny, amazing vocalist, comfortable in her own skin, and authentic. I can't wait to read her book, "The Mother of Black Hollywood, A Memoir." My food for thought moment was when she said: "I have laid my burden down (tell-all book) and now I am free."

Event Location

Marriott at the Denver Tech Center
4900 S Syracuse St, Denver, CO 80237

Photos from the 1st Annual Black & White Gala

panoramic shot of people
black tie party bags
group of people at photo op
CBHC Logo on a Glass