The FLOW Program is an initiative started in 2015 by The Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC) in our quest to be the healthiest folks in the nation. FLOW is a comprehensive prevention program serving as a focal point to inform, educate, assess and refer individuals and families to care for their cardiovascular/heart health.

CBHC’s goal is to address the complex needs of the communities we serve through the development and implementation of culturally appropriate programs that are uniquely designed to engage our stakeholders while continuing to expand our network of partners and collaborative relationships.

Through the F.L.O.W Program, CBHC will provide tools, resources, and information to empower YOU to make good health choices and to advocate for yourself and your family in the health environment.


F.L.O.W. Directory.

This directory designates F.L.O.W. Sites across Metro Denver. It is a network of community and clinical providers that serve as facilitators to connect Black/African Americans to critical preventive treatment and care. YOU can search the F.L.O.W Directory here

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Is a social media campaign of the F.L.O.W. Program. This component is a periodic campaign featuring health activities in which participants are engaged. This is designed to be motivational for participants as well as others that are observing the posts.

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Check out the site @ for the latest Newsletters and Health Tips, as well as cardiovascular/health specific information and resources.

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F.L.O.W. Health Insurance Literacy Project

Is designed to help understand the health insurance literacy needs of our community and to develop trusted, culturally influenced, and understandable materials for the community. The developed materials will inform, educate, and motivate the community.

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