Cultural Networking Committee

Dissemination of information about health resources and services available to the Black community.
Chair: TBD
Action Plan Framework


To describe the distribution and influence of underlying social determinants of health on Colorado’s African American communities experiencing high levels of co-occurring health disparities and to identify the stakeholders that would be involved in addressing these underlying social determinants to help ensure health equity.


To identify geographic areas in which African Americans live and experience high levels of co-morbid health conditions in Colorado.
To describe these geographic regions in terms of the distribution of key social determinants of heath measures.
To identify existing agencies, organizations, initiatives, policies, and politics that currently [or potentially could]influence key social determinants of health in the previously identified geographic areas.


  • Identify leading causes of morbidity and death among African Americans in Colorado.
  • Assess the availability of data that could be used to map these diseases geographically.
  • Map the distribution of these conditions in order to identify, elucidate, and describe areas with high degrees of overlapping co-morbidity.
  • Review social determinants of health literature.
  • Identify and recommend key social determinants of health indicators (e.g., indicators related to housing, education, employment, transportation, incarceration, social capital, socioeconomic status, access to health care, crime, pollution, parks and recreation, access to affordable food, etc.) that might be used to further characterize geographic areas described as having high levels of co-morbidity.
  • Use existing data to characterize high co-morbidity areas relative to the key social determinants of health indicators.
  • Identify community, business, educational, government, structural entities and factors that would be stakeholders or relevant to addressing key social determinants of health.

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