Health Promotion and Empowerment Programs

Health by developing an awareness of the importance of good health – making it a top priority.

Education on the particulars of health issues that impact the Black Community.

Action speaks to CBHC’s quest to not just talk about things but help move knowledge to action.

Taking it to the streets so that information and activities are shared with the Community.

The Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC) Programs bringing the HEAT to the Community.

Please see a description of the programs listed below.

Health Forums

CBHC conducts quarterly Forums on various topics. The cornerstones of our Forums and all

that we do involve educating the Community about…

    • Fundamental issues impacting health.
    • Specific disease states.
    • Social determinants that dictate health outcomes.
    • Healthy eating and active living.
    • Empowering children and families to live healthier lives, in their home environment.

At each Forum, CBHC strives to model healthy behaviors in all of our activities and functions. During 3rd quarter of each year CBHC hosts its annual “Family Reunion” Forum. This Forum stresses physical activity while capturing the elements of age-old family reunions. During the Forums we utilize our proven model of hands-on learning and self-determination, to inform, educate, build awareness, and initiate behavior change in our target audience, as well as the networks they serve. The Forums are designed to demonstrate health and wellness in culturally proficient ways. Additionally, the Forums offer opportunities for health advocates to network and combine their community outreach efforts and projects; to increase interaction between potential partners and targeted audiences; and to disseminate and enhance the reach of the information beyond direct participants.

At the Forums CBHC empowers Community Members to be active participants in managing their health by acquiring knowledge and having confidence to be an advocate for you own health and well-being.

Speaker’s Bureau

Speaker’s Bureau CBHC has a cadre of experts in various health and social determinant subject matters who are available upon request to share with the  Community. Presentations are made at local colleges, churches, civic and other organizations on a variety of topics. The overall goal is to raise public awareness about CBHC, increase visibility, increase public understanding about health disparities and other disease states affecting the Community.

Student Mentorship-Internship Program

The Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC) is passionate about connecting with future health care professionals to serve the community. Our goal is to have health care providers that understand the health disparities that exist in our community, are culturally proficient, and community-oriented. We know that starting early is key. To achieve our goal, CBHC mentors and supports high school and college students who are interested in a health profession.  We engage with the students in multiple ways, including speaker’s bureau, networking meetings, providing volunteer opportunities, and special Community health-related projects.

CBHC provides opportunities for public health, medical, and other graduate students to connect with members of the community to work on outreach projects/activities that address health/social determinant disparities in the Black/African American Community.  Examples of projects and activities include the following:

  • Focus Groups: Culturally Competent Care in the clinical setting, Tackling Menthol
  • Community Asset Mapping
  • Annual Barbershop/Salon Power Saturday(s) Blood Pressure Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Effectiveness of Health Ministry Toolkit