Brother Roosevelt


Roosevelt agreed to share his testimony of how his life was changed after getting his blood pressure

checked at Rising Star Baptist church. He hopes it will help others improve their health.


Mr. Thomas thank you for agreeing to interview with us today. We are here today

for you to give your testimony about your health. Rising Star Missionary Baptist

Church (RSMBC) and Colorado Black Health Collaborative Inc. (CBHC)

collaborates together to help Colorado’s African American community become

healthier individuals through education, increasing awareness, and providing

opportunities for health services. Your testimony will be put on RSMBC and

CBHC websites.

Mabel /Joanne: Brother Roosevelt tell us a little bit about yourself, lifestyle,

eating habits, physical activity, etc.

Roosevelt: I’m 55 years old. I LOVE JESUS! He shines through me to help

other individuals. I love sports, all sports, basketball especially. I thought I was

going to the Pro’s. I played with all ages but drugs got the best of me and my life

changed. Eating habits, well, I like all foods. The only food I dislike is oatmeal. I

don’t do any physical activity.

Mabel/Joanne: What inspired you to get your Blood Pressure (BP) checked?

Roosevelt: The church, RSMBC Health Ministry. I never have gotten my BP

checked before, and you (Mabel) encouraged me to just get it checked to know

my numbers. Once I got it checked, whoa, it was shocking! It was shocking to

see both numbers, but the systolic was over 200. I didn’t know at the time what

that meant, but learned that it was at stroke level. I was glad to have gotten it

checked because men in general don’t like to go to the doctor and we need to

pay more attention to our health.

Mabel/Joanne: So once you saw the numbers, what did you do next?

Roosevelt: I was scared and went to the hospital that day. I was put on

medication. My job and the hospital spoke very highly of RSMBC for having a

health ministry and doing BP checks. I mean spoke very highly!

Mabel: Do you mind me asking the name of the company where you work?

Roosevelt: Deline Box Company

Joanne: Our church partnered with The Center for African American Health

(CAAH) about 14 years ago to encourage good health. That is how this ministry

came into inception. CBHC trained us on properly doing BP checks. We

conduct BP checks every 4th Sunday. A lot of people walk around and ignore

us; afraid to talk about their health.

Roosevelt: Yes, I know, I was one of them! (laughter in the room)

Mabel/Joanne: Do you have any family history of chronic diseases such as

diabetes, HBP, Heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc.?

Roosevelt: Yes, Grandmother had HBP; mom was diabetic; and uncle died in a

diabetic coma.

Joanne: Have you ever had your glucose checked?

Roosevelt: No

Joanne: You are at the age that things are going to start impacting your life. If

you have family history, which you do, you are at risk. So, you need to have that

blood test done. (a lot of conversation about different blood testing and

Roosevelt: Ok

Mabel: How has your life been impacted since getting your BP checked?

Roosevelt: I take life more serious; I’m more concerned with good eating habits,

better diet, and watch the foods I eat.

Joanne: What about salt?

Roosevelt: No, I don’t use a lot of salt.

Mabel/Joanne: How has the church played a role in your health?

Roosevelt: If it wasn’t for RSMBC, I wouldn’t have known my condition, they

were the reason for my findings.

Mabel/Joanne: HBP is called “the silent killer”; did you know that? Tell us how

you felt that day.

Roosevelt: I felt like someone was holding and clinching me; slight headache;

not severe but still something was there. No indication that something was going

on. No other symptoms.

Mabel/Joanne: What about exercise? How has your health been impacted

since getting your BP checked?

Roosevelt: No, I don’t exercise. I don’t have a whole lot of time. I should

exercise, the doctor told me to, but I don’t. I work long hours (10 – 12 hrs/day),

then use my extra time ministering to others.

Mabel/Joanne: God wants you to be healthy; you have to do for yourself. You

have to make time. Try to commit in 2016 to 10 minutes of walking per day. On

your lunch or break you can start off walking 10 minutes. You can walk/meditate

for a prayer walk; your body is your temple. You will start feeling better & will

probably increase to 20 minutes. Another suggestion, you can get your wife, turn

on the radio or play music and dance/march for 15 minutes. Make it fun! You

can include your entire family. We are here to help you!! (a lot of conversation in

the room on this topic for several minutes; trying to encourage him to incorporate

exercise in his life; examples were given as well as suggestions. The point is to

get into a habit of exercising because it helps with HBP, diabetes, and other

ailments & diseases. You have history; therefore getting exercise to 30 minutes

a day would be great.

Mabel: Do you think it’s beneficial to have the church continue the BP ministry?

Roosevelt: YES! A lot of people and men think like I did, think they are ok and

don’t understand what the effects are when you don’t get regular checkups.

Information is powerful!! Please continue to educate so that we can

understand health. Sometimes we feel like things are going to work itself out.

Mabel/Joanne: What would you like to tell other people about health?

Roosevelt: Trust GOD to help you heal. God will make you whole; follow

through with things.

Joanne: It’s great to trust God but there is more to come into play besides

trusting. Did you hear the message this morning? God made the doctor and

gave him the tools he/she needed to become the doctor. God gave the doctor

the education to help educate patients. More than just the WORD. (long

conversation about trusting God but also each individual has to do your role

pertaining to your health and God will help you in tough situation as you do what

you suppose to do and believe and have faith in him).

Joanne: I want to give you a free consult. I’m a registered Dietitian and want to

work with you. If you want to help yourself; it’s not just eating less, it’s your mind,

body, spirit, and soul. Its whole body wholeness, movement, psyche, and

drinking water. You can bring your wife and children.

Roosevelt: Thank You! I will accept your offer.

Mabel: Is there anything else you want to say?

Roosevelt: Yes. I feel great; no complaints. I will take my medication, lose

weight, live to be 120 years old, pay attention to my body internally & externally,

educate myself more on health, AND I want to get back on the basketball court

(laughter in the room).

My commitment for 2016:

  • free nutritional consult
  • 10 – 15 minutes of exercise each day
  • would love to do an update later this year

Thank you for choosing me! It’s my life and it shows that the program cares.

Closing By Mabel:

Thank you for allowing us to get this testimony. We are going to share it, hope to

touch lives, and encourage others to be more aware of their health. We want to

be, as CBHC says, the healthiest black folks in Colorado and America!

© 2015 Colorado Black Health Collaborative
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