About the Race & Civic Engagement Project

InIn 2021 the Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC) received grant funding from the Colorado Health Foundation for a 2-year racism project. The project involved a series of discussions with the Black Community around racism/ structural racism, with the ultimate goal of moving our communities to become more civically engaged.

African Proverb: “I am, because we are, because we are, therefore I am”. ( provided by Dr. Anthony Young)


House Chats

  • Race discussion & emerging themes
  • Community Building
  • Civic Engagement discussions

Civic Engagement Action Plan

Develop a civic action plan & approach to engage the community in this movement.

Learning Sessions

  • The Roots of Racism and Health inequities: Kickoff event with Harriet Washington, scholar supreme and author of Medical Apartheid.
  • Facilitated workshops

Move to Action: Embracing History to Guide Our Future

CBHC shared a short video on the history of how the African American community attempted to build a better life and community after slavery and during Reconstruction. We must continue to address issues that create barriers for the Black community in Colorado to build, grow and prosper.

Click the video below to view:

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