October 21, 2018

First Annual Black & White Gala

Keynote Speaker: Jenifer Lewis

The first Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC) Black and White Gala was a wonderful success! The Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Hotel, was the meeting place of sponsors, partners, members and friends to celebrate CBHC’s 10-year anniversary serving the Community. It was a place full of happy people who came dressed in their finery, laughing and flowing in the moments.

We heard from Thelma and Terri about the birth and continued growth of CBHC, and all of what has been accomplished to this point. Dr. Peggy Mitchell Clarke prayed a beautiful prayer before dinner, continuing to set the atmosphere. Dinner was served, and we heard a heartfelt testimonial shared by Rosalyn Redwine, owner of the Winning Coiffures Beauty Salon and CBHC Ambassador, about the importance of knowing your numbers through blood pressure and diabetes screenings. Rosalyn shared her personal story about getting screened at the shop and discovering her blood pressure numbers were high; and her personal journey to get the help she needed to improve her health. Rosalyn’s key message – “Get checked [regularly] and know your numbers.”

To raise funds for the cause, Darryl Collier, facilitated the Paddle Raise session summoning those in the audience to donate money for CBHC programs and activities. Money raised will support the continued community outreach and engagement events and activities so that members of the Community are empowered, educated and informed to pursue and achieve good health and well-being. CBHC is keeping its eye on the prize to achieve health equity in Colorado’s Black Community.

You could say that this Gala was a CBHC Health Forum on steroids! The Community came together for one cause – shining a spotlight on the Mental Health & Wellness of our Black Community, helping to remove the stigma and talking about it. Jenifer Lewis, a Black American actress, comedian, singer and activist, created an unforgettable experience as the keynote speaker. She was an unfiltered, direct, candid, unabashed force of energy as she shared her powerfully important story and journey to mental wellness. She spoke her truth, unapologetically, “laying down her burdens” so that she can excel in her GOD given freedom to be all she can be and help others along the way. The key message – “Take care of yourself.” We all learned and laughed which was just what the doctor ordered. Laughter is good medicine, indeed!

Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, partners, members, donors, exhibitors, and hotel staff for making Colorado Black Health Collaborative’s first Fundraising Gala a memorable success!